Monday, April 28, 2008


The MOPS Biggest Loser Team has assembled. The weight-loss challenge has begun. And the suckiest part is that I am the biggest, but that just means that at the end of all of this, I'll be able to brag the most. :) Here is what we're doing...
Competition starts today and ends in 20 weeks (MOPS starts up again the day after the 20 weeks are up [MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers]). We weigh in every Monday, and we email our results to each other. At the end of 20 weeks, we will calculate who has the highest percentage of weight loss. That person will win either free babysitting from each of the participating team members, or money from each team member to go towards a new outfit. (We're debating which prize we like better. I'm all for the babysitting since I know I'll need even more outfits as I continue my weight-loss on my own past the 20 weeks.) We've also set up personal goals...and if we reach those, then we get a spa day. We first thought that we'd make those goals 40 lbs, but now we're leaning more towards 10% of our current weights. Either way, I'm ready. The competative streak has kicked in. So much so that I was sorely disappointed when I woke up to walk this morning and it was raining. So I am digging through my old DVDs and finding that stupid Walk Away the Pounds DVD and doing that during Landon's nap-time today. Now if I can just convince hubby that an Ipod and a Y membership (or elliptical) are a good way to use the government stimulus money. Oh yeah, and I want a trampoline now that I jumped on one at L's house last week and saw how much fun Landon had on it. The kids would LOVE it, we'd get outside more, and I would have so much fun watching all my bits and pieces bounce less and less throughout the summer.
Today I'll be busy here at home.....doing laundry. I hate laundry.

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