Thursday, April 24, 2008

Low Fat...

I have had such a lovely morning. It started off at 6:00 when I got up early and went for a walk. Finally. I've been meaning to go and just hadn't started, and it felt so good to use my legs and sweat a little. The only bummer was that the circuit (loop/route/only safe road in the neighborhood) that I took was a 30 min. walk instead of the hour I was hoping it would be. Which means I'll have to walk it twice to do an hour. Oh well....I'll get to know the neighbors REALLY well. :) I took Henry with me (my Schnauzer) and he was so happy to be out of the yard and exploring new areas. He did good too, I kept him on a short leash and he just plodded along beside me. After Shorty got on the bus, Little Man and I headed up north (which sounds sooo much farther than it was! Only 30 mins. north) to my friend L's house. K and her son came also, and we had brunch. Afterwards we took the boys outside and had a blast jumping on L's trampoline, chasing each other with toy chainsaws (who invents these things?!?!? What moron thought, "hmmm, I know, let's make a toy chainsaw so that little boys will think they're a safe plaything..."), and lounging around on her lawn chairs. We've decided to start a friendly weightloss competition/encouragement group. The three of us could pass for sisters (we get it all the time) and we both have weight that we want (and need) to lose. I am the heaviest, but that is okay, that just means I'll be the biggest loser. We told each other our "secret number" and no one passed out because of shock, and we are going to weigh in each week and see who has lost the most weight/percentage of weight by the time MOPS starts up again in the fall. I am so going to win this. :)
I feel good today. Ate right yesterday, walked this morning, the sun is shining, I spent time with girlfriends, and I'm going to the MOPS retreat tomorrow. It is well with my soul.

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