Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I couldn't figure out last night why I was so sore. My abs were sore, and my arms....but I had done nothing that should have left me sore....and then I realized what it was. And this is so embarrassing. I have been entering the bloggy giveaway contest. There are over 700 sites giving away things, and I sat yesterday for WAY too long and entered as many as I could. I'm not even halfway through the list....and if I do that again today, I will get nothing done. Which would be bad. Very bad. I have to
  • get fruit to take to Lisa's brunch tomorrow
  • make a cheesecake for the MOPS retreat
  • buy a new scale because I've restarted WW again, again, again...
  • clean up Shorty's room
  • make a chore chart for Shorty
  • return library books
  • stop at Shorty's dance place and pay for next month
  • make dinner
  • watch Little Man
  • decorate a tiara for the retreat
  • sing at church tonight
  • study for my Bible study group tonight
  • go cut tulips at the cut your own tulip place (only $1 for a dozen!!!)
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • and more...............

So I am sorry bloggy giveaway site....I have to ignore you today. I must resist the pull. I must.


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Patti said...

i linked you...yeah i did.