Friday, April 25, 2008

Ugh. Monster headache. Woke up with it. At the ungodly hour of 5:30. Why, body? Why? Finally had to take two excedrin won't go away. I walked anyway, headache and all. And decided that I'll only take Henry on my walks every few days. If he is with me, I find myself thinking of him the entire time. Is he going to stop in this yard and poop? Stop cutting in front of me. Walk faster. Walk slower. Quit pulling my arm. Why are you scared of that mailbox and not any of the other ones. Come here, I'll scoop you up and save you from that big mean scary barking dog. Soooo....he'll only accompany me every once in awhile. I need some thinking time, and he is not letting me have that.

Cheesecake for the retreat tonight is done. Sitting on my oven. Cooling down. And probably getting a huge crack in it. Argh. Can't seem to make one that doesn't crack. Yummy as all get out, but cracked.

I have to decorate a tiara for tonight. A felt (what is the rubbery/felt/plasticy stuff called?) one. It has to be decorated in a way that says something about that people can try to guess what tiara belongs to who (whom?). So I'm covering mine in coffee grinds and coffee beans. Oh yes, lovely, lovely coffee. It will smell good, even if it looks like Henry pooped all over it.

Must shave legs. Will be putting on swimsuit tonight. Shudder. And so not in the good way.

Getting giddy with the thought of not being a mom tonight. I forget that I am so fun. I'm quite silly underneath all of this marriage tension, mommy being, responsible acting self.

Weight-loss competition begins Monday. Although I've been eating right for three days now and walking every day too. If I reach my goal, I get a spa day. And if I win the competition, I get free babysitting from the other two girls. Oh yes, I am so winning this. (Which means no cheesecake tonight for me. Fortunately for me, I know I can make one, so it isn't such a big deal....)

Must go do laundry. Quit distracting me. Blogging was NOT on my list of things to do today!

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Patti said...

cheescake....i want.