Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation

My daughter has officially started her summer vacation. I didn't realize how much I would miss that bright yellow school bus until last night. It was nearing bedtime, by which point I am ready to punch out on the time clock, and I kept thinking that I only had to get through the rest of the evening because tomorrow was a school day. And then it would hit school....not for weeks and weeks and weeks. No relief.

I love my daughter. With every fiber of my being. I would not exchange being her mom for anything in this world or out of this world.

She is a high strung girl though. She was what I called a high stress baby, and she hasn't changed in that respect. She is one of those people who feels everything at a higher level than those around her. If she is happy, she is overjoyed. Sad? Extremely morose. Mad? Watch out world, she can explode like a nuclear bomb. She gets thrilled with the smallest of birthday gifts. She feels pain and expresses it more than anyone I have ever met. She is a bundle of non-stop energy. And she is also type A. To the max. She, at age 2, knew when we were headed in a different direction than we would normally take, and she would tell us that we were going the wrong way. She is extremely literal. If you tell her "in a minute", she expects whatever was promised to be delivered in an actual minute. She wants to know the precise time for everything, and she does not like us to deviate from that time. She is always right. About everything. She defined "in a bit" and "in awhile" with an actual time frame, and she figured out that "in awhile" was longer than "in a bit" (which is actually the opposite of what I would have thought). She drives me nuts quite often....I am a very non-scheduled person. I get there when I get there. I like to stay fairly even-keeled with my emotions, and I am not an in your face kind of person. Needless to say, we clash quite often. And she's only 6 (actually, she'll be six in 11 days).

I worry about her sometimes. About what it will be like living with her when she is 13, and how she'll deal with the emotions that come with dating. But I would not change her personality at all. I love how excited she gets about everything. I know that her punctuality and type-A behavior will serve her well later in life.

However, all of that being said...

I still can't believe it is only day 1 of vacation, and I am already getting a new twitch.


Patti said...

huh, i bet the german totally gets this entry (no, she doesn't read on the "internets", but still)...

Hooked on Houses said...

I just have to tell you that your daughter sounds EXACTLY like my son. They must have similar personalities. He has been high maintenance since he was born (even the pregnancy was difficult!), and I always dread the summers. He needs the structure of school during the day. He needs the activity and stimulation of other people around.

But the good news is that he turned 13 this year and as he gets older he is actually much easier to get along with. Here I'd been dreading the teenage years! So far, so good, though. I think as he has more control over his life, he's just a happier person, and doesn't need to get what he wants through me as much any more. I hope you find the same is true for you as your daughter grows up!

Good luck this summer--I think we'll both need it! -Julia :-)

Manic Mom said...

Hahah, a new twitch, love it!

She is adorable!

PS-stop on by if you have time, know what I mean? hint up on the blog later for ya.