Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog friends

I clicked onto Novelle360's site yesterday and read her entry about lacking the time lately to blog and wondering if she was going to continue to do so. I have followed her for years...she used to blog on xanga, and I loved hearing about her life as a newlywed, and then being overjoyed to hear she was expecting a little one, and then crying and praying for her and Jerry when she lost that baby. I was privileged to read of her second pregnancy, and now to read her updates about life with Alli and all the joy and struggles that come with being a mom and a working woman and a wife and a friend and a daughter. I started to think about how long I've "known" her, and how much I would miss the daily glimpses into her life. This bloggy thing is a funny creature. It allows you to make friends without ever meeting them, but it also allows you to walk away from those friends without the crushing guilt that can come from breaking up with a real-life friend. I felt guilty suddenly for vanishing so often on my blog sites. For failing to update more regularly, for staying silent for weeks and even months at a time. I know how I feel when one of the blogs I read goes silent, and I wonder if others feel that way about me. I know this isn't where I have blogged for long, or made many "friends", but my xanga site is one of those places. I'm sorry for vanishing on you folks. I will try to do better. And I am hoping that Novelle360 (Kelly) will figure out a way to combine her busy life and her blog in a better way for herself. This is just a big sappy shout out to all you bloggy folks. I love ya man!


novelle360 said...

You're right. There's one site I regretfully just deleted from my favorites after a year of no new posts. And, yet, I still clicked back every now and again, hoping, wishing and waiting for an update. You do become friends and a part of each other's lives.

Anonymous said...

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